Call in the troops. I mean it. Really.

    15 Jun 2012 12:54 PM | Mandie Crawford (Administrator)
    I really wanted to call this tip "everything I learned about teamwork - I learned from the army - but that would have give the topic away.

    Team work. In business we often focus on competition - not team work.

    In the race to make money we spend a good deal of our time trying to gain the competitive edge, position ourselves in the market and win the race.  But from what I see on a daily basis - this is not happening.

    One o the very top issues I encounter in business strategizing and coaching are business owners who start something and then due to lack of time or energy - never finish it.  And most of it has to do with marketing their products or services.

    And so - they leave a trail of unfinished ineffective marketing half-launches sitting on their desk or on their computer.  They begin courses but do not finish.  And out of breath, time and money wonder why they put so much effort in when they get nothing out.

    Why does this happen?  Because they are lone rangers.  They do not build and work with teams to get things done.

    This past week I watched a regiment of combat engineers in action working on a community project.  They were not paid, neither would they benefit from the outcome of the project.  They were not being graded nor judged on their performance.  And what I saw blew me away.  Several days later I cannot stop talking about it and referencing it.

    Thirty five guys and gals took 3 shifts to haul gravel and findings, level it off, lay railway ties and secure them into the ground and then lay an interlocking brick patio.  Almost like magic it was completed.  Everyone had a job and each person knew what they had to do next.  And you could tell they had fun doing it.  Even as they were in the middle of the project - one had a better idea to improve the outcome and mentioned it.  The others agreed and the strategy was changed for a better outcome.  No arguing.  No disagreements.  No power struggles.  It was true teamwork at its finest.

    When the job was completed - the finished patio looked professional.  Had I started the job alone - there is no way I could have completed it nor made it look as professional as it did.  This is the value of teamwork.

    So how can we use this concept when we are a one man (person) show?  We can build a team or co-operative that will work together with and for each other.  In most cases this can be very difficult. Instead consider the value of hiring out.

    Hire a team to get things done.  Delegate.  It's as simple as that.  There is no secret to this.  Delegating saves:
    • Time
    • Money
    • EFFORT
    • Worry
    • Money
    • Energy
    • Worry
    • Worry
    • Money
    • Money

    The key savings are in money and time.  Nothing is MORE expensive and harder on your nerves that trying to do something you are not good at because you are trying to save money.

    In business - teams are hired.  Unless you have a team working for you - it is the way to get jobs completed - and completed in good time at a good price.

    So when you have a marketing project, a web project, a graphic project, a writing project or even an event project - consider hiring a team of experts.  

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